Artist Profile

Gouri Sahni has been fascinated with art since her early years, but till date she remains to be passionately involved with interior decoration and art with equal enthusiasm. She has undertaken various projects under the commission of the DMRC, five stars, PSUs, farm houses and corporate houses.

In the recent past, she has experimented with different modes of expression, breaking the monotony of the traditional style in art, infusing a fresh perspective into her Landscapes. She has given a new Horizon to Abstract Art. Her designs are soft and subtle making her painting style very expressive. Her personal taste is very colonial but she is very versatile with her client’s needs.

She is a former Brand Ambassador from India to Art Monaco: Monte Carlo, France.

She also was awarded the most promising artist of the future by Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi. Barclay’s premier bank in Nehru place honoured her as a safe investment artist or artist to bank on. Her paintings have been nominated for the collection of college of art

Her medium is oil and acrylic, on canvas, charcoal on paper as well as installations in various mediums. The focus of her art is palette and textures to explore fresh pictorial possibilities often in abstraction though she has also worked in figuration and on wild life themes. Known for her skyscrapers on canvas, her paintings also depict harmony, dream and the cosmic world.

In other words, her painting are intensely sculptural, as well as silhouetted, with integrated ribbons, her brush strokes represent a personal symphonic repertoire. Displaying many layers of colour which rise to the surface, culling forth emotions of a collective subconscious.

Art critics have described her work as “A vibrational happening warmer than the fauves (French artists). Conceivably even more intense than impressionism, while still and simultaneously passionate.”

She is regularly engaged with various social development initiatives and runs an organisation NAFD which works to uplift disabled artists and artisans.

Gouri has participated in many group shows in India and abroad. She works and lives in Delhi although she considers herself a global citizen due to her frequent travel and international fan club